About Us

Who We Are

PRS Global was built by healthcare operators and care providers to transform lives. We transform lives across the globe by providing opportunities to pursue a rewarding healthcare career. And we transform lives in America by ensuring our healthcare patients are given the proper treatment and nurturing they need while in our care.

Through global sourcing and placement of nursing staff, we have created the solution for the nurse staffing crisis threatening our healthcare system by connecting qualified international nursing professionals with American healthcare providers.

We have a patient-centered purpose and our most valued assets are our nurse professionals who care for them. We are driven by improving the healthcare patient experience and improving quality outcomes by ensuring that your facilities are well staffed and your patients are properly cared for.

Our Team of Professionals

Doug Cox CEO Providence Recruiting Solutions

Doug Cox, CEO

Greg Mitchell, COO Providence Recruiting Solutions

Greg Mitchell,

Carmen Young Chief Nursing Officer

Carmen Young,
Chief Nursing Officer

Kara Murphy,
Chief Growth Officer

Michele Ley, 
Director of International Experience

Gretchen Cox

Gretchen Cox,
Director of Education

Simon Corocoto, Vice President of International Recruiting

Simon Corocoto, 
Vice President of International  Recruiting

Mark McFerron,
VP of Creative Initiatives

Mission, Vision and Core Value Actions


Our Mission: To be a trusted and plentiful source of hope, help, and healing for America’s healthcare provider organizations.


Our Vision: A globally connected America fully equipped to meet the healthcare staffing challenges our communities and society requires for generations to come.


• Do the Right Thing. Always.
We act with integrity as if someone is always watching us and we treat others the way we hope to be treated. (Luke 6:31)
• Serve with Compassion and Empathy.
We honor others before ourselves and love on those who need us. (Rom 12:9-10)
• Achieve Higher Standards.
We have a thirst for excellence in our work and we hold ourselves accountable when we make mistakes.
• See Ourselves in the Big Picture.
We understand the work we do daily and each individual lives we touch plays a critical role in our success and our future.
• Share Ways to Improve and Innovate.
We aren’t perfect, but we always look to get better every day in how we do things and we will share those ideas freely.
• Be a Reliable Teammate.
Each one of us is a reliable contributor to the strength of our team because together, we accomplish so much more than any individual can alone. 
•Pursue Balance and Well-being.
We will maintain a healthy balance of professional and personal life for our own preservation and long-term performance.
•Consider Our Legacy in All Actions.
We understand the importance of our actions and are mindful of the everlasting impression we leave behind.
Greg Mitchell, COO Providence Recruiting Solutions

A Message From Our President

Being a healthcare provider for many years, there has always been one consistent message from every facility I have worked with: “We need nursing staff and we need them today!”

I’ve always had a dream that companies would become proactive and look at staffing solutions that are truly innovative. While being an innovative, visionary healthcare leader is an amazing attribute to possess, it has, honestly, become rare. Coupled with brutal rate cuts, smaller margins, and constantly trying to navigate all the new changes, leaders are merely trying to survive. Being proactive, innovative or groundbreaking has, for many providers, become a pipe dream. 

With PRS Global, we have created a unique process of being able to assist companies in becoming proactive with their staffing models while allowing them to meet many of their financial metrics. Reducing turnover, eliminating agency utilization, providing consistent staffing and improving quality measures allows them to grow their organization without the worry of staffing nightmares.

Our passion is working with nurses from the Philippines and transitioning them into our American healthcare communities. Their caring culture and work ethic fit well into the American healthcare staffing models. In their hearts and minds is the dream of “Coming to America” to create a better opportunity to provide for their families and help educate their siblings at home. Their humble and kind disposition, along with their education, makes them a welcomed and rewarding partner for any staff. They serve with great purpose.

Connecting the right people with the right companies is immensely rewarding for all involved. We have developed a staffing solution with a valued ROI. We make it easy and affordable for all healthcare settings and provide companies a sustainable long-term option for your staffing needs.

We look forward to working with you, building rewarding partnerships, and fulfilling your dream of “I have no nurse vacancies.”

Greg Mitchell, President
"I can do all this through him who gives me strength." 
Philippians 4:13

Through global sourcing and placement of healthcare staff, we have created the solution for connecting qualified international nursing professionals with USA healthcare providers.
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